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Collaborative Divorce

Traditional divorce is lengthy, expensive, and only benefits the lawyers who are billing by the hour.  Collaborative divorce is a new way to divorce, where the parties work together before going to court to reach a fair, equitable, and efficient resolution.  Move on with your life quickly while keeping most of your life savings, rather than giving it all to the lawyers.

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Parlatore Law Group was founded on the principle of eliminating all the unnecessary overhead expenses associated with traditional law firms while providing the highest quality legal services. 

By trimming all the excess expenses and passing those savings on to their clients, Parlatore Law Group’s attorneys can instead devote their full efforts to solving their clients’ problems and working together as a cohesive team.

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Collaborative divorce is the process of dissolving a marriage while working to separate the assets toward equal and cooperative finalization. Representing attorneys guide the parties to cooperate and to understand the desires and needs so that the division of property and financial assets is a mathematical and unemotional solution. This limits the financial losses usually incurred during the traditional divorce process that uses competing lawyers and their litigation fees.

Both attorneys sign a binding Participation Agreement at the beginning of the collaborative divorce making collaborative divorce unique. This agreement will keep the attorneys’ representing, and the clients focused on the most amicable resolution that is best for both.

Negotiations should be between the attorneys who aid their clients in navigating the paperwork and the legal maze of divorce without any emotional factors. Decisions need to be made about the disposal of property and the division of any finances that may be held jointly.

If, in the end, there is no possibility of an agreement and the Participation Agreement contract is breached, both attorneys are terminated, and the clients will need new legal representation.

Finding the right lawyers to work with you is vital in making this happen. First, your lawyer or mediator should understand your circumstances and know what you want. From there, you and your spouse need to figure out if this can be something that you want to happen without draining each other’s life savings. Finally, collaboration is critical; if both parties cannot see themselves doing this, collaborative divorce is not your solution.

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